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Communications Committee (ComC)

The Communications Committee (ComC) facilitates MSK knowledge dissemination and the publication of BJI membership achievements, activities, and programs using multiple media in the local academic community as well as nationally and internationally (see Terms of Reference).

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Primary Goal

Western’s Bone and Joint Institute (BJI) Communications Committee (ComC) facilitates MSK knowledge dissemination to the community and stakeholders, and the publication of BJI membership achievements, activities, and programs. Information is disseminated as widely as possible using multiple media in the local academic community as well as nationally and internationally.


ComC membership consists of at least one BJI Faculty member (to serve as Chair) along with at least two appointed trainees representing multiple Faculties (Engineering, Health Sciences, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Science, and Social Science). Total membership should not exceed 7 members at any one time.

The BJI Operations Manager is non-voting, ex-officio members of the ComC, and not eligible to serve as its Chair or Vice-Chair.

Note: Membership is in a volunteer capacity. BJI officers, committee members, and participants will not be remunerated.


Members will serve a 1- (trainees) or a 2- (BJI Faculty members) year term that is renewable. The Chair will be appointed by the BJI Operations Committee based on nominations from the BJI membership and will normally serve a 2-year term that is renewable. The Chair will serve as a member of the BJI Operations Committee. Other members are appointed by the Chair in consultation with the BJI Operations Committee based on nominations by BJI members. To maintain continuity, appointments will be staggered so that only one-third of members will be considered for replacement or re-appointment each year.

Frequency of Meetings

At minimum, bi-annual meetings will be held in person and/or electronically (i.e. tele/web conferencing). The Chair may call additional meetings as needed.


Quorum is a majority of members (50% +1). The ComC is expected to operate by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached, the Chair will consult the Institute By-Laws and Procedures.

Conflict of Interest

Members are: (a) required to disclose any conflict or potential conflict, and (b) prohibited from discussing/voting on any matter in which there is a conflict. Potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed prior to meetings and/or prior to discussion of the specific issue. Members in conflict will normally be expected to leave the meeting while the specific issue is discussed.


The ComC is responsible for:
  • soliciting newsworthy items from BJI members;
  • publicizing BJI research, funding, training activities, and programs;
  • facilitating dissemination of findings to appropriate stakeholder groups;
  • preparing drafts for news releases and liaising with Western Communications and/or media experts for distribution to suitable outlets (e.g. Western News, web pages, social media, newspapers, other media);
  • and recognizing, as much as possible, contributions from all BJI members (Faculty members, Staff, Trainees, Partners)
  • .


The powers of the ComC include making decisions related to communication activities that support the function and implementation of the Institute’s objectives. On all matters relating to the Institute and its function, the ComC will be accountable to the BJI Operations Committee.

Evaluation and Revision of the Terms of Reference

ComC terms of reference and membership shall be reviewed annually by the BJI Operations Committee. The current terms were approved by the BJI Operations Committee June 1, 2016.


Section 3 of the Bone and Joint Institute 2015 Annual Report at Western University (June 2016).

Dave Walton

Dave Walton


Health Sciences Rep

Jim Dickey

Jim Dickey

Health Sciences Rep

David  Holdsworth

David Holdsworth

Schulich Rep



Engineering Rep



Science Rep



Social Science Rep

Pavlos Bobos

Pavlos Bobos

Health Sciences PhD Trainee

Trainee Rep

Jann Paquette Warren

Jann Paquette Warren

Manager of Research & Innovation


Shannon Woodhouse

Shannon Woodhouse

Manager of Operations