Joint & Bone Initiative

Dr. Terry Peters

Medical Biophysics
Medical Imaging
Computer Science 

Research Areas

Additive Manufacturing, Animal Models, Clinical Outcomes, Drug Delivery, Health Services & Systems, Knowledge Translation & Mobilization, Personalized Medicine, Spine Related Pathologies
My interest in engineering as a teenager led me to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury in NZ. Upon entering graduate school, my advisor asked me to embark on a project to reconstruct cross-sectional images from x-rays. This topic – (now known as CT scanning) provided the ideal bridge between engineering and medicine, and this work ultimately led me to an academic position at McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute, where I had the opportunity to work with surgeons to apply engineering and imaging technology to guide surgeons during neurosurgery procedures.  My subsequent move from Montreal to London and the Robarts, allowed me to expand my interests in combining imaging and surgery beyond the brain, and currently programs exist in the lab dealing with cardiac and urological surgery in addition to the brain.

Dr. Peters' laboratory is concerned with the development and validation of tools that allow surgeons to make efficient use of images, produced by sophisticated 3-D imaging systems, during surgical procedures. The objective of minimally-invasive neurosurgery is to resect or lesion the smallest volume of brain tissue, causing the least trauma to the patient while achieving the desired therapeutic result.