Joint & Bone Initiative


MSK Focused Workshops:

Future Topics:

Additive Manufacturing
Quantitative MRI
BJI & BMI Synergies
Behaviour Change
How to Impact Policies
Whole Body Vibration
Communications for Research Trainees
Spin Off Companies & Industry Collaborations
Business Etiquette
How to Manage Researcher ID
Partner Linkage Facilitation

Past Workshops:


Young Investigator Forum - Preclinical Musculoskeletal Health Research: (Host, A Ratneswaran & M Veras)


Workshop on Musculoskeletal Diseases: From Animal Models to Human Disease (Dr. C Little, Host, F Beier)


Communications and Media (UWO Communications, Host, D Holdsworth)


Grant Writing (Host, D Holdsworth)
City Wide Research Workshop on Inflammation & Chronic Disease (Host, BJI)
Finite Element Modeling - (Host, D Holdsworth, M Teeter)


Chronic Pain Management Workshop - Pain & OA (Host, The Arthritis Society)
Focused Data, Computing & Simulation (Host, B Chronik)
Spine (Host, C Seguin)