Joint & Bone Initiative

CBJC 2018 Speakers

Invited Plenary Speakers

Frank Barry, 
National University of Ireland, Galway


PPT Conference Presentation

 "MSC Therapy for Osteoarthritis: Status and Obstacles"

Adult mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) isolated from bone marrow and other tissues have been extensively tested in the treatment of bone and cartilage repair and in osteoarthritis. In addition, fully allogeneic therapy has been effective in the treatment of graft-versus-host disease and other conditions. However, there are many aspects of the biology of MSCs that are poorly described, and a more exhaustive characterization is necessary to exploit these cells fully in the context of tissue repair. These include (1) development of new cell-specific markers, (2) deciphering the therapeutic mechanism of action and unravelling the paracrine signals that contribute to tissue repair, (3) understanding clonal heterogeneity in cultured populations, (4) ensuring that batch variability is controlled and (5) understanding the nature of host immunomodulation by transplanted MSCs and allogenicity.

While the preclinical and clinical testing of MSCs has advanced rapidly over the last few years, the development of efficient and standardised methods for their isolation and characterization has not. Most attempts to isolate these cells depend on adherent culture systems with a significant risk of preparing heterogeneous or poorly characterized populations. The uncertain nature of primary isolates of MSCs, the possibility of culture-induced heterogeneity and the lack of highly specific markers raise issues of regulatory compliance that may impede clinical testing. There is a risk that emerging clinical data will be compromised by this lack of standardization and that current methods of cell isolation may not result in the most therapeutically effective cells.

Laurent Bouyer,
Université Laval  


PPT Conference Presentation
“Development of Data Processing Algorithms for Portable Technologies to Measure Movement Quality and Muscle Fatigue”

Inertial measurement units (IMU) and wireless electromyography (EMG) sensors are now readily available to assess human movement “outside of the laboratory” and are rapidly gaining popularity in the rehabilitation community. The goal of this presentation is to show the advantages and limitations of such technologies through examples of their use in different settings and to show that we can get a lot more from these devices than we currently do. Finally, the Open IMU initiative (started by the Quebec Rehabilitation Research and Rehabilitation Technology Networks) will be introduced. This initiative wants to develop open source software and standards for IMU calibration/data collection and a web-based community for the analysis of mobility data related to rehabilitation.

Robert Buren 

“From Paraplegia to the Podium: 9 Years of Finding a Way”

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Robert is a graduate of King's University College at Western. Growing up an active kid he never imagined that something as simple as a mountain biking ride at the age of 37 would result in a broken back. Married with two young daughters, Robert was determined not to let paraplegia prevent him from living a life full of extraordinary accomplishments. In his keynote address, Robert will take the audience on an inspirational journey sharing a little about his life before his accident, the fateful day in 2008, his rehab experiences and the accomplishments and lessons learned as he redefines the impossible.

Jean-Francois Esculier
University of British Columbia 


PPT Conference Presentation

“Patellofemoral Pain: Clinical Management Based on the Latest Research”

Based on the latest scientific evidence, this presentation will outline risk factors for patellofemoral pain as well as the best treatment approaches. Critical thinking and some controversy are to be expected, but most importantly, new clinical tips to help your patients with patellofemoral pain!

Farshid Guilak, 
Washington University


PPT Conference Presentation

"Engineering New Biologic Therapies for Arthritis: From Synthetic Materials to Synthetic Biology"

Karim Khan, 
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research


PPT Conference Presentation
"IMHA: The Mission, Vision and Research Opportunities"

Graham King,
Western University


PPT Conference Presentation
"From Design to Market: The Evolution of the Evolve"

Linda Li, 
University of British Columbia


PPT Conference Presentation
"The Role of Digital Intervention in Bone and Joint Health"

Stephen Robinovitch,
Simon Fraser University


PPT Conference Presentation

 “Beyond fall prevention: Strategies for Mitigating the Consequences of Falls in Older Adults.”

For older adults who are frail or transitioning to frailty, mobility poses risk for falls, and daily activities become a contact sport. Falls management in this population requires strategies that focus beyond fall prevention, to preventing injuries in the event of a fall. Wearable hip protectors can reduce the risk of hip fracture 3-fold, and compliant flooring has the potential to reduce any fall-related injury. Exercise programs should focus on the components of strength and flexibility that are necessary to avoid head impact during a fall. For older adults in long-term care, one in three falls will result in head impact. Improved awareness and development of strategies for preventing injuries from falls are essential to promoting safe mobility, and reducing the cost of falls for older adults.

Conference Podium Speakers

Lina Y. Abu Nada; McGill University

PPT Conference Presentation

The Antidepressant Sertraline Hinders Bone Healing and Implant Osseointegration in Rats Tibiae

David M. Burns; University of Toronto

PPT Conference Presentation

Shoulder Physiotherapy Exercise Recognition: Machine Learning The Inertial Signals from a Smartwatch

Poulami Datta; Krembil Research Institute

PPT Conference Presentation

Inhibition of Autotaxin attenuates High-Fat Diet-Induced or Surgically-Induced Acceleration of Osteoarthritis

Fabio  Carlos Lucas de Oliveira; 
Université Laval

PPT Conference Presentation

A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial of Kinesiotaping for Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Simon Deslauriers; Université Laval

PPT Conference Presentation

Waiting Time to Access Multidisciplinary Pain Treatment Facilities for Patients with Rheumatic Conditions in Quebec 

 Charles Dion; Western University

PPT Conference Presentation

Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty Using a Novel 3D Printed Titanium Augment: A Biomechanical Cadaveric Study 

Helal Endisha; Krembil Research Institute

PPT Conference Presentation

Microrna-34a: Role In The Development Of Osteoarthritis During Obesity 

 Megan Fennema; Western University

PPT Conference Presentation

Improving Patient Satisfaction Post-Total Knee Replacement: New Insight Via Novel Wearable Sensor Metrics 

Kurt Hankenson; University of Michigan

PPT Conference Presentation

Discovering Novel Regulators of Osteoblastogenesis 

Tara Kajaks;  McMaster University, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

PPT Conference Presentation

Caring for caregivers: A Characterization of Injuries Observed in Community-Based Personal Support Workers 

 Daniel Martel; University of Waterloo

PPT Conference Presentation

Probabilistic Model Approaches for Evaluating the Clinical Effectiveness of Fall-Related Hip Fracture Interventions

Jane Mitchell; University of Toronto

PPT Conference Presentation

Effect of osteoblast G Protein Expression on Bone Development and Strength

Brooke E Patterson; La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

PPT Conference Presentation

Changes In Cartilage Damage Between One And Five Years Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Julie Richardson; McMaster University

PPT Conference Presentation

Optimal Musculoskeletal Function and Activity:  Ensuring Fidelity of Community-Based Exercise Programs  

Janet Ronsky; University of Calgary

PPT Conference Presentation

Advances in In-Vivo Knee Joint Mechanics with Integrated Dynamic Imaging, MRI and Modeling Approaches 

Margaret Sun; Western University

PPT Conference Presentation

Investigating The Role Of Retinoid X Receptor in Cartilage Development And Homeostasis 

Jackie Whittaker;  University of Alberta

PPT Conference Presentation

Prevention of Osteoarthritis After Youth Sport-related Knee Injuries 

Janie Wilson; Dalhousie University

PPT Conference Presentation

Joint Biomechanics after Total Knee Arthroplasty Surgery: Are We Missing the Target?  

 Yue Zhou; Western University

PPT Conference Presentation

Development of the Circumduction Metric for Identification of Cervical Motion Impairment

Young Investigator Forum Podium Speakers

 Ryan J Frayne; Dalhousie University

New Regulations For Ice Hockey Goaltender Equipment And Their Effects On Upper Body Range Of Motion

Mohammad M Haddara; Western University

The Effect of Wrist Position on Tendon Loads Following Pulley Sectioning and Operative Reconstruction

 Harvi Hart; La Trobe University; Australia

Relation of Step Rate to Worsening of Patellofemoral and Tibiofemoral Joint Cartilage Damage In Women and Men - The Most Study

 Syed Jafri; University of Calgary

Development of Thresholds for Assessing Fracture Risk Using HR-pQCT

Geoffrey J Kerr; Western University

Investigating the Role of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Delta in Intervertebral Disc Health and Degeneration 

Akihiro Nakamura; University Health Network, University of Toronto

Inhibition of microRNA-181a-5p Attenuates Osteoarthritis in Knee and Facet Joints