Joint & Bone Initiative

BJI Catalyst Grant Awards

The BJI Catalyst Grants competition is please to announce the 2016 Awardees.  There were many meritorious applications however we were only able to fund a portion of all of the excellent research proposed.

Congratulations to this year's awardees.


Nominated PI Co PIs Title Nominated PI Department
Burkhart, Timothy Getgood, Alan Optimizing surgical interventions to mitigate the effects of post traumatic osteoartritis Mechanical & Materials-FEng, Surgery SSMD, LHRI
Diop, Mamadou Beier, Frank Can joint blood flow be used to monitor treatment response in rheumatoid arthritis?  Medical Biophyics-SSMD,  BME-FEng, LHRI
Flynn, Lauren Seguin, Cheryle Development of tissue-specific instructive matrices for intervertebral disc regeneration Chemical & BioChemical-FEng, Anatomy & Cell Biology-SSMD
MacDermid, Joy Doherty, Chris  Faber, Ken  Athwal, George  Grewal, Ruby  King, Graham Long-term healthcare consequences of upper extremity fractures: A population perspective HULC, Surgery-SSMD, Physical Therapy-FHS
Marsh, Jackie Petrella, Robert Cost of implementation and patient resource use associated with a community-based targeted education and exercise program to limit the burden of hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA) Physical Therapy-FHS
Price, Aaron Trejos, Ana Luisa  Walton Dave Wearable Smart Polymer Stretch Sensors for the Clinical Assessment of Patient Recovery From Neck Injury  Mechanical & Materials, BME-Feng
Rasoulinejad, Parham Teeter, Matt Design & Development of a novel stand-alone lumbar fusion device Surgery-SSMD LHSC
Walton, David Dickey, Jim Development and implementation of a VR-based simulator to evaluate the relative role of mechanics and startle in clinical neck pain mechanisms Physical Therapy, FHS


Nominated PI

Co PI Co PI Title Nominated PI Department
Hoffman, Lisa Leask, Andrew Campbell, Craig The role of CCN1 in Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy
Barra, Lillian Ardelean, Daniela Cairn, Ewa Autoantibodies in the Unaffected First Degree Relatives of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Juvenile Inflammatory Arthritis Medicine
Ferreira, Louis Athwal, George Development and Validation of Patient-Specific 3D - Printed Bone Models with Heterogeneous Bone Density Distributions for Implant Design and Surgical Evaluation Mech & Mat Engineering
Shoemaker, Kevin Birmingham, Trevor Al-Khazraji, Baraa Cerebrovascular Control in Osteo-Arthritis Kinesiology
Ardelean, Daniella Pope, Janet Seguin, Cheryle Generation of Patient Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modeling Rheumatoid and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Pediatrics
Ramachandran, Rithwik Getgood, Alan Chidiac, Peter Exploring the proteinase activated receptor/TRPV4 signaling axis in Osteoarthritis Phys/Pharm