Joint & Bone Initiative

Canadian MSK Consortium

This self-assembled Canadian MSK Consortium will serve as a mechanism to solidify relationships, foster new partnerships, increase awareness of strengths, identify synergies, and recognize collaborative opportunities. 



The first goal of the consortium will be to develop an action plan that will increase the profile of MSK research in Canada and to become more prepared to respond to cross-sectorial and jurisdictional funding opportunities. Members and partners will identify key MSK stakeholder groups and learn about their research priorities, knowledge, values, and cultures to enable shared-decision making and formulate a common vision.

Tell us about your group

  • Who is part of your MSK research group?
  • What are your core research priorities and strengths?
  • From your perspective, describe key national MSK research priorities.

Send your comments to: Jann Paquette-Warren at

Current Members & Partners

The consortium will continue to grow overtime to help make Canada internationally renowned for its research excellence in MSK health. Click here for a current list of representatives.

Current Activities 

  • Funded by a CIHR planning grant:
    • hold a series of teleconferences and 1 ½ days of planning activities that foster collaborative interaction among a growing group of key MSK stakeholders
    • develop an action plan that will increase the profile of MSK research in Canada
    • become more prepared to respond to funding calls focused on national studies or scale up of interventions
  • Planning Grant Sub-objectives:
    • to facilitate the building of partnerships (old and new) within a framework of mutual trust and cooperation, including the provision of feedback opportunities and shared decision-making
    • to review activities previously or currently being implemented by individual groups
    • to identify and explore the relevance and applicability of current and future funding opportunities (i.e., CIHR, SPOR, federal and provincial funding opportunities, Arthritis Society, etc.)
    • to define roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders (i.e. core leaders from the geographical regions of Canada, academic investigators, consumers, and decision-makers) in the consortium

Contact Us

  • To learn more about this initiative, please contact Jann Paquette-Warren at