Joint & Bone Initiative

Vision & Priorities

MSK conditions resulting from trauma (e.g. injuries) or a disease (e.g. arthritis) effects the quality of life (e.g. pain, mobility restrictions, disability, depression, and fatigue) of over 1.7 billion people worldwide. 

MSK conditions have the highest total direct costs to the healthcare system and have substantial indirect cost for patients, families, and society.

Western invested in the Bone and Joint Institute (BJI) - mobilizing over 260 members with diverse perspectives, skills and infrastructure - to maximize and accelerate research impact.


  • lifelong mobility through MSK health.


  • to catalyze transdisciplinary research, innovation, translation and education.


  • to investigate the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatments for MSK conditions;
  • to enhance movement, mobitlity, and participation in daily life; and
  • to improve support systems and rehabilitation for a wide range of MSK conditions.

Primary Objectives

  • understanding bone and joint diseases
  • innovating in diagnosis and evaluation
  • developing and evaluating new therapies
  • influencing key knowledge users

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Research Themes and Areas

With a special focus on arthritis, trauma and spine research, BJI is mobilizing key members to champion flagship projects that will accelerate research and increase potential for impact. Members bring different perspectives to the table including:

  • basic biological and biomedical
  • physical sciences and engineering
  • clinical and health services
  • population and community health

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Institute Functions & Activities

Where to find us?

Kirkley Centre
  • the BJI administrative hub is located in:
    • The Dr. Sandy Kirkley Centre, Level 6 of the Lindros Legacy Research Building, London Health Science Centre - University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada
  • the centre honors the memory of Dr. Sandy Kirkley, an extraordinary Orthopedic Surgeon, scientist, and mentor
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