Joint & Bone Initiative

BJI Trainees Win Big at London Health Research Day

Multiple Bone and Joint Trainees Receive Awards at the London Health Research Day

We are proud to highlight the success of trainees in the bone and joint research area at the recent London Health Research Day. Graduate students Adam Paish, Anusha Ratneswaran, Katie Rabicki and Mike Pest, together with postdoctoral scholar Noelle Ochotny, were recognized with awards in 6 of the 15 possible categories for posters and oral presentations. Our trainees won awards in the Student Choice, Poster Awards, Feature Platform Presentations, and the Lucille & Norton Wolf LHRD Trainee Publications Awards categories. We extend our congratulations to these trainees for their outstanding abilities to carry out innovative research and to present it effectively to a general audience.

 (from right: Noelle Ochotny, Anusha Ratneswaran, Katie Rabicki and Mike Pest)

LHRD Paish

"Adam Paish is holding a photo of his prototype rat hip implant set used in the first successful rat hip-hemiarthroplasty procedure, with fluoroscopy and micro-CT images shown on the monitor behind. Similar components will be used as translational models for research into improving the bone-metal and metal-cartilage interfaces of orthopaedic implants."