Joint & Bone Initiative

Trainee Leadership Committee (TLC)

The Bone and Joint Institute (BJI) Trainee Leadership Commitee (TLC) is dedicated to engaging trainees in activities that will fosters the integration and convergence of disciplines to successfully contribute to musculoskeletal health research. (see Terms of Reference).

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Primary Goal

The Bone and Joint Institute (BJI) Trainee Leadership Committee (TLC) is dedicated to engaging trainees interested in musculoskeletal (MSK) health research. The Committee is focused on facilitating participation in academic and social activities that will fosters the integration and convergence of disciplines.


TLC membership consists of the at least three appointed Collaborative Training Program in MSK Health Research (CMHR) trainees representing multiple Faculties (Engineering, Health Sciences, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Science, and Social Science). At least one trainee representative who holds a seat on each of the following committees: BJI Operations Committee (MOC), Training and Education Committee (TEC), Seminars Committee (SemC), and Communications Committee (ComC) will automatically hold a seat on TLC to facilitate information sharing. Total membership should not exceed 8 members at any one time.

The BJI Administrative Assistant is a non-voting, ex-officio members of the TLC, and not eligible to serve as its Chair or Vice-Chair.

Note: Membership is in a volunteer capacity. BJI officers, committee members, and participants will not be remunerated.


Members will serve a 1-year term that is renewable. The Chair and Vice-chair are appointed by the BJI TEC to serve a 2-year term, with the possibility for renewal once. The Chair and Vice-chair will also  serve as a member of the BJI MOC or TEC. Other members are appointed according to current seats on BJI committees or by the Chair in consultation with the BJI TEC after a review of nominations by BJI trainees and faculty members.

Frequency of Meetings

Quarterly meetings will be held in person and/or electronically (i.e. tele/web conferencing). The Chair may call additional meetings as needed.


Quorum is a majority of members (50% +1). The TLC is expected to operate by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached, the Chair will consult the Institute By-Laws and Procedures.

Conflict of Interest

Members are: (a) required to disclose any conflict or potential conflict, and (b) prohibited from discussing/voting on any matter in which there is a conflict. Potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed prior to meetings and/or prior to discussion of the specific issue. Members in conflict will normally be expected to leave the meeting while the specific issue is discussed.


The TLC is responsible for:
  • promoting the recruitment of exceptional external and internal trainees;
  • encouraging applications for the Collaborative Training Program in Musculoskeletal Health (CMHR);
  • co-hosting BJI workshops/seminars focused on MSK topics, collaboration, communication, and career development;
  • helping to bridge existing areas of strength in MSK research at Western by fostering new collaborative research involving or among trainees; and
  • exploring and sharing information about external training opportunities and possible partnerships.


The powers of the TLC include making decisions related to training and education activities within its mandate that support the function and implementation of the Institute’s objectives. On all matters relating to the Institute and its function, the TLC will be accountable to the BJI TEC.

Evaluation and Revision of the Terms of Reference

TLC terms of reference and membership shall be reviewed annually by the BJI TEC. The current terms are currently under review by the BJI TEC.


Bone and Joint Institute internal 2017 documents at Western University (February 2017).

Holly Philpott

Holly Philpott

Schulich PhD Trainee


Matthew Veras

Matthew Veras

Schulich PhD Trainee

Past Chair

Hayden Atkinson

Hayden Atkinson

PhD Trainee

Member at Large - FHS

Pavlos Bobos

Pavlos Bobos

Health Sciences PhD Trainee

Communications Committee Rep

Geoff Kerr

Geoff Kerr

PhD Candidate, Schulich

Member at Large

Michaela  Khan

Michaela Khan

Master's Trainee, Health Sciences

Member at Large

Anna  Kornmuller

Anna Kornmuller

PhD Candidate, Engineering

Member at Large

Mike Lavdas

Mike Lavdas

Master's Trainee, Biomedical Engineering

Member at Large

Jenna Schulz

Jenna Schulz

PhD Candidate, Health Sciences

Member at Large

Arthi  Shridhar

Arthi Shridhar

Member at Large

Fiona  Serack

Fiona Serack

PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Seminar Committee Representative

Samantha  Mundy

Samantha Mundy

Administrative Assistant

Ex-Officio - Secretary to TLC