Joint & Bone Initiative

About the BJI

Western University identified musculoskeletal (MSK) health as a research priority in 2013 and invested in the Cluster of Research Excellence in MSK Health in November 2014 and Bone and Joint Institute (BJI) in March 2015 to build on the work supported by an Interdisciplinary Development Initiative (IDI) awarded in 2011-14 including the establishment of Canada’s first and largest Collaborative Training Program in MSK Health Research (CMHR). BJI is now Canada’s leading MSK research organization. Its mission is to catalyze transdisciplinary MSK research, innovation, collaboration, education and knowledge translation using a complex adaptive research environment that brings together experts in basic biological and biomedical; physical sciences and engineering; clinical health services; and community and population health. The mandate of the institute is to enable research that: investigates the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatments for MSK conditions; enhances movement, mobility and participation in daily life; and improves support systems and rehabilitation for a wide range of MSK conditions. The BJI environment supports over 250 BJI members across 5 Faculties and 32 departments as they strive to produce high-impact breakthroughs in primary objective areas: 1) understanding bone and joint diseases; 2) innovating in diagnosis and evaluation; 3) developing and evaluating new therapies; and 4) influencing key knowledge users. 

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