Joint & Bone Initiative

Dr. Peter Lemon

MSK Research Areas of Interest

Macronutrient (CHO, FAT, PRO) ingestion timing and exercise performance; Food supplements and health and/or exercise performance; Training and exercise performance; Exercise and body composition changes

Pete Lemon, PhD, FACSM completed his undergraduate education at McMaster University and his graduate studies at the Universities of Windsor and Wisconsin-Madison.

From 1979 to 1997, he was on the faculty at Ohio’s Kent State University working in the Applied Physiology Research Laboratory, most recently as the laboratory director.  In January of 1998, Dr. Lemon became the first recipient of the Weider Research Chair in Exercise Nutrition at The University of Western Ontario.

He mentors graduate students, lectures, and conducts research on the health and performance effects of exercise training and proper nutrition/supplementation.  A former university athlete, he remains involved in athletics as the head coach of the Western women’s fastpitch softball team.


Recent Publications