Joint & Bone Initiative

Dr. Haojie Mao

Mechanical and Materials Engineering  

MSK Research Areas of Interest

Additive Manufacturing, Animal Models, Bioengineering, Biomechanics, Implantable & Wearable Devices, Molecular & Cell Biology, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Spine Related Pathologies, Sport Medicine 

Professor Mao conducts research to better understand mechanisms of traumatic brain injury (TBI). He collaborates with neuroscientists, neurobiologists, and fellow engineers to develop both experimental and computational methods for analyzing biomechanical and biological responses of brain tissues to trauma events including sports-related collisions, blast waves, automotive accidents, and falls. He develops computational head models that allow researchers to immediately visualize and accurately quantify stresses and stretches across the entire brain. This research helps to better understand the causes of TBI and links to cognitive dysfunction, which can improve brain health with better protections, diagnostics, and therapeutics.   

Professor Mao's research interests extend to safety and injury related topics, such as improving vehicle structures for occupant and pedestrian safety, designing safer seats for minimizing blast-induced lumbar spine injuries, understanding pediatric biomechanics, and developing better protections to reduce impact and blast-triggered head injuries. With the support of Canada Research Chairs program (Tier 2), Dr. Mao moved to London and is exploring collaboration opportunities with local research and industry communities.