Joint & Bone Initiative

Dr. Jay Stock

Social Science
Biological Anthropology


MSK Research Areas of Interest

Bioarchaeology,Biomechanics,Epidemiology,Mobility,Multi-morbidity,Musculoskeletal Imaging,Osteoporosis,Population Health,Sport Medicine


Dr. Stock is a Biological Anthropologist whose research is primarily focussed on understanding the mechanisms which drive variation in the human skeleton.  His research involves both human palaeontology, the study of fossil and archaeological human remains, and human biology, including the study of skeletal variation in living humans.  A central theme of research in both areas is understanding biomechanical and other influences on the structure of cortical and trabecular bone throughout the lifespan.  His bioarchaeological research is primarily focused on the skeletal variation, adaptation and habitual behaviour of hunter-gatherers, worldwide, while his research in Human Biology is focused on skeletal remodeling and adaptation in response to habitual loading among athletes.  He has worked more broadly on the origins of human plasticity, the mechanisms underlying human adaptability in response to environmental extremes, and the impact of these mechanisms on our interpretation of the human fossil record.