Joint & Bone Initiative

Dr. Andrea Waters-Rist

Associate Professor

MSK Research Areas of Interest

Arthritis, Bioarchaeology, Dentistry, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Osteoporosis, Population Health, Spine Related Pathologies

Dr. Waters-Rist is a Biological Anthropologist focusing on a range of research avenues within the subfield of Human Osteoarchaeology. Dr. Waters-Rist uses stable isotope and synchrotron-based trace element methods to reconstruct the diets of past populations, focusing in particular on infant feeding practices. Dr. Waters-Rist also analyses human skeletal and dental remains for evidence of a wide range of diseases and activity-induced modifications, and assesses patterns of growth and development. She is currently working on skeletal remains from various geographic areas and temporal periods, including post-Medieval Dutch rural and urban populations, Neolithic to Iron Age Siberian hunter-gatherers and pastoralists, and pre-Columbian Nicaraguan agriculturalists.