Joint & Bone Initiative

Summer Student Lunch Time Seminar Series

Each summer the CMHR program offers bi-weekly iunch and learn seminars for all students working on MSK Projects at Western.  For our CMHR funded Summer Students this is a mandatory event but is open to all trainees who are currently working in a lab of a member of the Bone and Joint Institute. Please sign up here if you are interested in attending these seminars. 

For further information please contact Samantha Mundy directly.


May 1st 2019 Bienniel Bone and Joint Retreat Sommerville 
May 21st "Lab SOP/Data Management" MSB 193CD
June 4th "Innovation in Research" MSB 193CD
June 18th "How to Effectively Communicate in Research"  MSB 193CD
July 3rd "How to Read a Scientific Paper"  MSB 193CD
July 16th "What's the Big Deal About Grad School?" MSB 193CD
July 30th "How to Write a Scientific Abstract/How to Write a CV" MSB 193CD
August 15th  Summer Research Symposium DSB 0010

August 15th- Summer Student Research Symposium (9-2pm) in DSB 0010

As part of the requirement as a Summer Student Awardee, students are required to present the results of their summer research project during the "Summer Student Research Symposium". Each individual is instructed to prepare an 8-10 min PowerPoint presentation for the group regarding their project and the results of their summer research project.  The focus is on the transdisciplinary aspects of the project and results, as well as what the Trainees have taken away from their experience in the program.