Joint & Bone Initiative

BJI Research Retreat



Bringing together the BJI membership in a virtual retreat setting.   Over several days of  online workshops and presentations the 2021 retreat explored professional development and strategic directions with the goal of advancing skills and knowledge, while encouraging future collaboration and support.

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The BJI consistently offers a membership retreat, typically on years opposite our National Canadian Bone and Joint Conference.  The intent of this retreat is to share information about local programs & success to encourage collaboration, advance skills and knowledge, and create opportunities to shape future strategic effort that will benefit the Institute as a whole.


Year Description Location Planning Committee Agenda


Trainee Retreat UCC, Western University Sims, Dickey, Woodhouse, Mundy PDF
BJI Retreat Western Fair District Sims, Dickey, Woodhouse, Mundy
2016 Trainee Retreat UCC, Western University Birmingham, Seguin, Woodhouse, Mundy PDF
2017 BJI Retreat London Convention Centre Beier, Dickey, Lydiatt, Paquette Warren, Woodhouse PDF
2019 BJI Retreat Great Hall, Western University Lalone, Willing, Paish, Paquette Warren, Woodhouse PDF
2021 BJI Virtual Research Retreat Online Trejos, Vasarhelyi, Webster, Paquette Warren, Woodhouse