Joint & Bone Initiative

BJI Past Speakers


June 18, 2021 - BJI Showcase

Dr. Tamie Poepping - (New Member Introduction)  "Small but Mighty - Microfluidic Platforms for Big Jobs in a Small World”
Mr. Alex Deans - Pickle, an App based Diagnostic Decision Aid for MSK Complaints"
Dr. Yolanda Hedberg  - (New Member Introduction)  “Role of patient factos on metallic implant corrosion and failure"

 May 20, 2021 - BJI Showcase Special Event - ICES Data 

Joy MacDermid; Salimah Shariff; Jackie Marsh; Ryan Degen; Bridget Ryan  - Pre Retreat Spceial Event.

May 18, 2021 - BJI Showcase

Mr. Matthew Lawrence - 3D Printed Polypyrrole Nanoparticle Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration"
Mr. Samuel Papernick - (Dr. Aaron Fenster's Lab) Spatially tracked 3D ultrasound imaging for monitoring the synovial membrane in knee arthritis” 
Dr. Michele Battie  - (Think Tank Update)  “Common Spine Disorders - Phenotyping"

April 23, 2021 - BJI Showcase

Mr. Khaled Hijazi - Design-Optimization of Porous Ti6Al4V constructs for Intra-Osseous Mandibular Implants
Dr. David Holdsworth - (Think Tank Update) “Orthopaedic Device-Related Infection” 
Dr. Matt Grol  - (New Member Introduction)  “Matrix-to-Cell Signaling in Tendon and Ligament Development and Homeostasis: Lessons Learned from Rare Connective Tissue Diseases"

March 11, 2021 - BJI Showcase

Mr. Jakub Szmit “An Investigation on the Influences of Radial Head Hemiarthroplasty Stem Fixation Techniques on Articular Mechanics”
Ms. Elizabeth Norman - for Dr. Emily Lalone (Mid Term Catalyst Update) “Development of a Total Wrist Arthroplasty System to Improve Patient Outcome”
Dr. Jay Stock - (Mid Term Catalyst Update) “Design and validation of a portable cone-beam μCT scanner to study trabecular bone microarchitecture”

Feb 16 2021 - BJI Showcase

Ms. Jenna Schulz “Reliability of the KIMRISS for rating bone marrow lesion scores after osteotomy"
Dr. Jane Thornton “Health-Enhancing Physical Activity: Research Solutions for Lifelong Mobility"
Dr. Ryan Degen “Hip Arthroscopy Utilization and Re-operation Rates in Ontario: A Population-Based Analysis Comparing Different Aged Cohort"

Jan 28 2021 - BJI Showcase

Mr. Rudy Baronette “Sparse-view cone-beam CT reconstruction for assessing migration in knee arthroplasty”
Mr. Amir Tavakoli “The Effect of Humeral Short Stem Positioning on Bone Stress following Total Shoulder Arthroplasty”
Ms. Dominique Cava "Computational modelling to elucidate the aetiology of knee osteoarthritis"


Nov 20 2020 - BJI Showcase

Dr. Harvi Hart "Walk smarter not Harder
Dr. Beth Gillies PPAR-delta inhibitors for the treatment of osteoarthritis - Lessons learned in intraarticular drug delivery”
Dr. David Walton "GEt'S-IT - BJI’s working group and applicanion to the Indigenous Learning Fund."

Oct 22 2020 - BJI Showcase

Ms. Holly Philpott The association of synovitis with patient outcomes after total knee arthroplasty for end-stage osteoarthritis
Dr. David Holdsworth Novel therapies for infections near orthopaedic implants
Dr. Tom Appleton Friend or foe? Mechanically-induces inflammation in osteoarthritis

Sept 15 2020 - BJI Showcase

Ms. Puneet Ranota Effect of Distal Radius Fractures on Joint Mechanics, Osteoarthritis and Patient Outcomes
Mr. Seva Ioussoufovitch "Quantification of joint blood flow by dynamic contrast-enhanced near-infrared spectroscopy: application to monitoring disease activity in a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis”
Dr. Paraham Rasoulinejad  "Static and Fatigue Testing of a Novel Fusion Construct for Atlantopaxial Instability”

Jun 18 2020 - BJI Showcase

Dr Jay Stock  “Design and validation of a portable cone-beam µCT scanner to study trabecular bone microarchitecture”
Ms Sydney Robinson “Development of a Total Wrist Arthroplasty System to Improve Patient Outcomes”
Dr Susan HunterReal and imagined walking in lower limb amputees: a fMRI study”

Feb 20 2020 - Dr. Lara Longobardi Targeting the CCR2 receptor to reduce joint degeneration and pain perception during post-traumatic osteoarthritis”

Feb 5 2020 - Brithish Orthopaedic Research Socitey 1/2 day Seminar - Featuring BORS Travelling Fellows & BJI Trainees 


Feb 7 2019 - Jim Elliott “Understanding Poor Recovery in Whiplash...Old Questions, New Methods, and The Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things”

Mar 19 2019 - Elliot Rouse "The hidden mechanics of locomotion: implications of mechanical impedance in the design and control of wearable robots"

Apr 16 2019- Amanda MacLeod  "Innate Antimicrobial Immunity in Wound Healing and Repair"

May 1 2019 - BJI Retreat: Dr. Robert Andersen "Social Equities in MSK Research"

Jun 18 2019- Hollis Potter “Morphological and Quantitative MRI of Musculoskeletal Tissues”

Sep 17 2019- Dr. Gillian Hawker "Arthritis"

Sep 19 2019- Cy Frank Lecturship: Dr. Stephan Lohmander "Changing the Narrative: Progress and Challenges to Improving Osteoarthritis Care for More Than 4 Million Canadians"



Jan 16 2018- Prof. Stuart M. Phillips, McMaster University "Exercise and Nutritional Support of Musculoskeletal Health in the Elderly"

Feb 4 2018 - BJI Showcase: Ana Luisa Trejos, Aaron Price, Matt Teeter "Wearable Technologies"

Feb 20 2018- Prof. Alan Getgood, Western University "What's Old is New: The Evolving Face of ACL Reconstruction..."

Mar 9 2018- Prof. David Cooper, University of Saskatchewan "Musculoskeletal Imaging at the Canadian Light Source:  What’s Possible at your National Synchrotron Facility?"

Mar 20 2018- Jeff vanHumen - OCE; Erin Azzopardi  - Mitacs; & Sarah O'Neil - NSERC "Trainee Oppotunities Workshop"

Apr 6 2018 - BJI Showccase: Tom Appleton, Frank Beier, Trevor Birmingham "Arthritis"

Apr 17 2018- Dr. Michelle Johnson, University of Pennsylvania "Community-Based Robot-Assisted Stroke Rehabilitation for Developed and Developing Countries"

June 1 2018 - BJI Showcase: Dave Walton, Emily Lalone, Emil Schemitsch "Trauma"

Sept 7 2018 - BJI Showcase: Aaron Price, David Holdsworth, Yara Hosein "Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing"

Oct 11 2018 - BJI Showcase: Michelle Battie, Chris Bailey, Cheryle Seguin "Spine"

Nov 2 2018 - BJI Showcase: Rajni Patel, Ryan Willing, Graham King "Multi Disciplinary"

Nov 20 2018 - Dr. Paul Rullkoetter, University of Denver

Dec 7 2018 - BJI Showcase: Beth Gillies, Andrew Nelson, Peter Chidiac "Multi Disciplinary"


Jan 17 2017- Dr. Scott Banks, University of Florida "Dynamic Radiographic Measurement of Skeletal Kinematics"

Feb 21 2017 - Dr. Sharmila Majumdar, University of California, San Francisco "Morphological and Quantitative Musculoskeletal Imaging"

Mar 17 2017 - Dr. Carlo Menon, Simon Fraser University " Unobtrusive wearable robotic technologies based on functional materials for assiting with motor impairments"

Mar 21 2017 - Dr. Guy Trudel, Univesrity of Ottawa "MSK Effects of Immobility: An idea has take off"

May 24 2017, Dr. Theresa Anna Guise, Indiana University "Muscle function matters: role of the tumor-bone microenvironment in regbulation of muscle function in cancer"

Jun 1 2017, Dr. Cosimo De Bari, University of Aberdeen, "Mesenchymal stem cells find their niche in cell therapy for arthritis"

Jul 28 2017, Dr. George Bou-Gharios, University of Liverpool, "Transgenic Models to manipulate metallo-proteinases: the effect on skeletal development and maintence

Sep 5, 2017, Dr. Ceilia Helena de Azevedo Gouveia Ferreira,Institute of Biomedical Sciences University of São Paulol, "Is the skeleton a site for thyroid hormone-sympathetic nervous system interaction?" 

Sep 6, 2017, Dr. Joseph Stains, University of Maryland, "Connexin 43 Gap Junctions and the Control of Osteoblastogenesis" 

Oct 19, 2017, Anne Vivian Scott, BKin Technologies"Robotics and Industry Engagement"

Nov 21, 2017, Sowmya Viswnanathan, University Health Network"Mesenchymal stromal cells and monocytes/macrophages as anti-inflammatory therapeutic approaches for osteoarthritis”

Dec  14, 2017, Cosimo DeBari, University of Aberdeen "The regenerative biology of synovial joints for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis”




Nov 15 2016 - Dr. Roberto Civitelli, Washington University in St. Louis “Connexins in the Skeleton and Beyond”

Oct 13 2016- Dr. Eric Troncy, Universite de Montreal "Osteoarthritis pain predictability in animal models: Taking advantage of the human experience!”

Sep 28 2016 - Dr. Josh Giles, Imperial College London, UK  "Combining Biomechanics and Mechatronics to Personalize and Improve Orthopaedic Patient Outcomes"

Sep 20 2016 - Dr. Emily Lalone, McMaster University "Innovations in Biomechanics Imaging and Clinicial Engineering"

Sep 15 2016 - Dr. Stewart McLachlin, Sunnybrook Research institute "Putting the Pieces Together: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Spine Biomechanics"

Aug 23 2016 - Dr. Ryan Willing, Binghamton University "The Roles of Modelling and Design in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research"

Aug 2 2016 - Dr. Brent Brachvogel, University of Cologne, "miRNAs and Cartilage Homeostasis"

Aug 2 2016 - Dr. Frank Zauke, University of Cologne, "Novel Functions of Perifibrillar Proteins"

Jun 23 2016 - Dr. Tim Griffin, University of Oklahoma, "The Intersection of Aging and Obesity in Osteoarthritis"

Apr 2016 - No Speaker due to Canadian Bone and Joint Conference

Mar 30 2016 - Dr. Boris Hinz, University of Toronto "Crosstalk between fibroblasts and inflammatory cells in fibrosis: A fatal affair"

Feb 25 2016 - Dr. David Cooper, University of Saskatchewan  "Detecting the Pores of Osteoporosis: 3D Imaging as a Window on Bone Remodeling”

Feb 18 2016 - Dr. James Johnston, University of Saskatchewan  "Subchondral Bone Mechanics & Osteoarthritis"

Feb 16 2016 - Dr Saija Kontulainen, University of Saskatchewan "On the development of evidence-based, targeted prevention of bone fragility"

Feb 11 2016 - Dr. Hope Weiler McGill University "Vitamin D and musculoskeletal health: a growing body of evidence from infancy to aging."


Dec 2015, Dr. Tim Fielding- Product Development Manager, Space Missions - Medical, MDA Ltd.  

Nov 2015 Dr. Deiter Reinhardt - University of McGill

Nov 2015 Dr. Boris Hinz, University of Toronto

Nov 17, 2015 Steve Aronckzy, Michigan State University - Compartative Orthopaedic Research (Hosted by Ken Faber and David O'Gorman)

Oct 2015 Jake Barralet, McGill University - Department of Surgery (Hosted by Jeff Dixon)

Oct 2015, Jacquelyn Marsh - Western University Canada

Oct, 2015 Wanrudee Isaranruwatchi - University of Toronto

Sep 2015 Anne Marie Malfait - Rush University, Chicago (Hosted by Frank Beier)

Sep 2015Heather McKay, University of British Columbia - Centre of Hip Health (Hosted by David Holdsworth)

Mar 2015 Steven Novella - Yale University, School of Medicine (Hosted by Mark Neuert)

Feb 2015 Boris Hinz - University of Toronto (Hosted by David O'Gorman)

Jan 2015 Amanda Agnew, Ohio State University (Hosted by Corey Maggiano)


Dec, 2014 Brian Harfe, University of Florida - Patterning the Developing Embryo (Hosted by Cheryle Seguin)

Nov, 2014 Hanspeter Frei, Carleton University - Studying Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Hosted by George Athwal)

Oct, 2014 Sir Ravindir Maini - Gairdner Lecgture Series

Sept 2014 Mona Dvir Ginzberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem - 75SIRT1 Promotes Chondrocyte Survival Under Pro-Inflammatory Conditions (Hosted by Frank Beier)

Apr 2014 David Holdsworth, Western University - Problem Solving in the Lab

Mar 2014 Jason McDougall, Dalhousie University - Target Identification for Future Joint Pain Relief 

Feb 2014 David O'Gorman, Western University - Coming to Grips with Hand Fibrosis 

Feb 2014 Andrew Leask, Western University - Skps in Fibrosis 


Nov 2013 Mark Hurtig, University of Guelph - How Collaboration Among Disciplines Drives Change in Clinical Practice

Oct 2013 Joy MacDermid, McMaster University - How to Write Papers That Get Published

Sep 2013 Jim Elliot, Northwestern University - Wiplash: Is it just a Crash for Cash Condition?