Joint & Bone Initiative

How To...

Describe the Institute in about 5 min?

  • The Institute brings together a group of over 145 researchers and trainees across disciplines dedicated to lead in musculoskeletal (MSK) health research, innovation, and education
  • With a vision of lifelong mobility, the Institute aims to find solutions that will benefit millions of Canadians suffering from pain and reduced mobility
  • You can use one of these 5-minute videos to introduce and summarize the Institute to colleagues, partners, and others who may be interested in learning more

Subscribe to the BJI live-feed events calendar?

  • the URL for iCal subscription and detailed setup instructions are available on the EVENTS page

Create and update a Publons (formerly ResearcherID) account?

  • ResearcherID is has now been integrated into the Publons platform:

  • Publons is similar to ResearcherID and is a platform which records, verifies, and showcases peer review contributions of researchers.

  • Publons information integrates with Web of Science or records imported from ORCID, EndNote or manual uploads and allows you to track citations to your research outputs that are indexed in Web of Science.

  • *** Please note that publications that have been manually entered into your Publons from journals outside of Web of Science will not track your citation metrics.***

  • SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS to creating, updating and keeping your account up-to-date in minutes

How do I update my member information?

  • If you are already a member but wish to update your profile and/or the information shown on our website, please complete the online member information survey here - MEMBER INFORMATION
  • For more information please contact

Who can and how to become a member?

If you meet the criteria as listed below (more details here), complete the MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM

  • Investigators can self-identify and register as Institute members if they meet the membership criteria
  • Trainees can self-identify and register as Institute members if they:

    • work under the supervision of a BJI faculty member, 
    • are conducting research relevant to bone and joint/musculoskeletal health, and
    • meet the trainee expectations in the membership criteria
  • Staff can self-identify and register as Institute members if they:
    • work under the supervision of a BJI faculty member, 
    • are conducting research relevant to bone and joint/musculoskeletal health, and
    • meet the staff expectations in the membership criteria
  • For more information please contact

Join a committee?

  • There are many ways to get involved, share your views, and contribute to Institute activities
  • Under the "About Us" section of the website you can review governance details to determine the committee that is right for you and find seat vacancies
  • Express your interest or nominate a colleague to join a committee at any time by completing the Committee Nomination Form

Suggest Think Tank topic or host a session?

  • Think Tanks are meant to expose members to MSK topics relevant to multiple disciplines and to stimulate new ideas, collaborations, innovations, and solutions
  • You can submit your idea directly to
  • The Manager of Operations supports the event host with logistics (room booking, advertisement, itinerary template, travel arrangements, etc.)

Share news and accomplishments?

  • The BJI administrative team can help with knowledge dissemination of BJI membership achievements, activities, and programs
  • Using multiple media in the local academic community as well as nationally and internationally is a great way to increase impact and uptake of new knowledge and innovations
  • To increase the profile of MSK research, let us know about your news directly to

Find cross-disciplinary collaborators?

  • BJI has over 250 researchers and trainees across disciplines in five Faculties - view list of current member
  • One of the best way to find collaborators is to participate in BJI events
  • Collaborators can also be identified by contacting the BJI administrative team; the Manager of Research & Innovation ( or the Operations Manager (

Link with industry and consumer partners?

  • BJI hosts sponsored events where you can learn more about partners, build a relationship, and present your ideas
  • You may contact the Manager of Research & Innovation ( or the Operations Manager ( who will help connect you to the right group/representative

Apply for BJI catalyst award?

  • Annual catalyst/seed funding competitions, support new transdisciplinary, innovative, high-impact, and early-stage projects
  • You must be a BJI member to apply
  • Review the application guidelines to determine the appropriateness of your project for this competition 

Apply to the Collaborative Trainee Program in MSK Health Research (CMHR)?

  • Intake occurs twice a year for master's, doctoral, post-doctoral, and clinician scientists
  • Summer undergraduate opportunities are also available
  • Review information on the CMHR website for more details regarding eligibility and deadlines or contact

Apply for a BJI Trainee award?

  • Trainee awards enhance the number of researchers and trainees doing transdisciplinary research and promote an environment of collaboration
  • Valued at $10K/year (max 2 years) for graduate trainees and $20K/year (max 4 years) for post-doc fellows and clinician-scientists, the awards help fund trainees and their research program, as well as offset a portion of stipends set by Departments/Schools/Faculties
  • Trainees must align their work with BJI core values and have a clear relevance to MSK health, as well as be supervised jointly by BJI Faculty members from at least two distinct disciplines
  • For complete details, please visit CMHR website or contact

Get support for major funding opportunities?

  • A key function at BJI is to provide logistical support for major grant applications relevant to bone and joint health (e.g. CFI Innovation Fund, Team Grants, Ontario Research Fund, NCEs, etc.)
  • Applications help to enhance collaborative efforts among BJI researchers
  • Please forward your request for support to the Manager of Research & Innovation ( to be approved by the Executive Committee