Joint & Bone Initiative

Get Everyone Started - Indigenous Training Initiative – GEt’S-IT 

GEt’S-IT (pronounced “Get’s It”) was sponsored by BJI’s Strategic Funding Program because internal assessments revealed that BJI members as a collective do not have adequate knowledge, partnerships and/or training opportunities to support self-reflection and learning about Indigenous ways of knowing, land-based learning and research approaches. Through this initiative, BJI will help raise awareness about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action focusing on recommendations to:

  • establish measurable goals to identify and close the gaps in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities related to chronic diseases, illness and injury incidence, and the availability of appropriate health services;
  • effect change within the healthcare system to recognize the impact of trauma and the value of Indigenous healing practices and use them in the treatment of Indigenous patients in collaboration with Indigenous healers and Elders where requested; and
  • require all students dealing with Indigenous health issues to take a course on Indigenous history, rights, treaties, teachings and practices as well as skills-based training in intercultural competency.
Current capacity and interest among members are key considerations as BJI tries to support Indigenous learning within our MSK culture in a sustainable way. Contact for more information or to get involved in GEt'S-IT.


Mayor Nenshi of Calgary recently shared powerful words and ways to take action.

Here are a few examples:

We must all commit to being uncomfortable and calling out racism wherever we see it, in all its forms. The time for excuses, rationalization and minimizing the harm is long past.