Joint & Bone Initiative

Catalyst Program Requirements


To support the BJI mission of transdisciplinary research, innovation, translation and education, each Nominated PI or designated team member is required to support knowledge exchange and impact. This is accomplished by taking part in the BJI Showcase Series and providing a one-page final report to be included in the BJI Annual Report. Failure to fulfill program requirements may affect future eligibility for funding through the BJI. 

Please refer to your decision letter or visit the Funding Decisions Page for your specific funding period and reporting timeline.

BJI Showcase Presentation (mandatory):

Showcase events are typically one hour with 2 to 3 15-min presentations that are open to the broad BJI membership (i.e., investigators, trainees, and partners. Catalyst winner presentations should occur within 6 months of receiving the award in order to raise awareness and get the membership excited about recently funded projects. Contact to book your showcase. Award winners are encouraged to provide details about the research problem / the gaps being addressed, and about the team gathered to accomplish the project. To facilitate interaction with the audience, the presenters may choose to highlight potential risks and mitigation plans or unique disciplines, stakeholders or expertise that the team is seeking to expand collaboration.

Final Report (mandatory):

A one-page final report detailing project accomplishments and outcomes will be requested by BJI staff at the end of the funding period. A template will be provided. Project updates beyond the final report may be requested from time to time for BJI Annual Reporting.

Additional Learning & Support Opportunity (not mandatory):

Showcase Templates: