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Get Everyone Started - Indigenous Training Initiative – GEt’S-IT 

GEt’S-IT (pronounced “Get’s It”) was sponsored by BJI’s EXEC because assessments revealed that BJI members as a collective do not have adequate knowledge, partnerships and/or training opportunities to support self-reflection and learning about Indigenous ways of knowing, land-based learning and research approaches. Current capacity and interest among members are key considerations as BJI tries to support Indigenous learning within our MSK culture in a sustainable way. 

Western University offers an Indigenous Learning Circle.

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Mayor Nenshi of Calgary recently shared powerful words and ways to take action.

Here are a few examples:

We must all commit to being uncomfortable and calling out racism wherever we see it, in all its forms. The time for excuses, rationalization and minimizing the harm is long past.


Aim of GEt'S-IT

Raise awareness and build capacity by looking at what we do in a different way.

Overarching Goals

Enhance BJI members’ perspectives and understanding of Indigenous histories, ways of knowing and land-based learning;

Develop relationships with key stakeholders to set concrete and relevant goals related to learning and cultural competency within the BJI membership;

Empower researchers/educators to be more empathetic and aware of our responsibility to conduct research ethically;

Help decolonize BJI’s research training curricula; and

Support the goal of reclaiming participants’ rights in research and teaching.  

Objective 1

(Jan 2021 – Aug 2021)

Develop BJI in-house ALLIES with foundational knowledge and capacity to support learning and to begin the decolonization of BJI programs. 

Objective 2

(Apr 2021 – Dec 2021)

Create new PARTNERSHIPS to enhance knowledge and explore ways to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing in BJI – so they can be valued as equal to academic approaches to knowing and creating knowledge.

Objective 3

(Sept 2021 – Dec 2021)

Build a GUIDE for BJI members to learn and engage our colleagues and trainees to conduct more CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE and RESPECTFUL RESEARCH with Indigenous community partners.

Anticipated outcomes: 

  • a group of 5-10 BJI members with personal/professional reflection experiences that enriches their perspectives and understanding of Indigenous histories, ways of knowing, and land-based learning. They will facilitate discussions and critical reflection to incorporate Indigenous approaches into BJI research initiatives – building capacity and impact potential; 
  • established relationships with key Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders to support the ongoing identification of learning needs and mutual interest as well as to share expertise to decolonize MSK research and training; 
  • a set of concrete and relevant goals with an evaluation strategy in place for GEt’S-IT related to empowering researchers/educators to be more empathic and aware of their responsibilities to conduct research ethically and support participants’ rights in research; 
  • supports in place to better align proposals with public funding agencies’ Indigenized research programs; and 
  • a collection of lessons-learned and experiences to share with Western colleagues who are interested in getting started with Indigenous research training in their departments/units.

Working Group:

  • Dave Walton (Chair) - Health Sciences
  • Tom Appleton - Schulich
  • Tristan Boyd - Schulich
  • Sara Mai Chitty - Indigenous Initiatives
  • Harvi Hart - Health Sciences
  • Emily Lalone - Engineering
  • Jann Paquette-Warren - BJI Admin Team
  • Aaron Price - Engineering
  • Ana Luisa Trejos - Engineering
  • Marie Tyler - BJI Admin Team
  • Edward Vasarhelyi - Schulich
  • Shannon Woodhouse - BJI Admin Team

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