About us

Our vision & mission

What we do:

We catalyze impactful interdisciplinary research that aims to advance MSK health.

Through creating an environment where interdisciplinary collaboration can thrive and by training the next generation of MSK researchers, we empower researchers across disciplines to tackle complex challenges and move research out of the lab and into the clinic and community.

Why it matters:

Musculoskeletal conditions prevent over 1.7 billion people worldwide from living their lives to the fullest.

Pain, joint stiffness, fatigue and depression resulting from MSK conditions can make daily activities, such as spending time with family and friends or meeting workplace demands, incredibly hard.

Poor MSK health impacts people’s quality of life, but also comes with societal and economic costs. Today, MSK conditions have the highest total direct costs to the Canadian healthcare system (estimated at $25.6 billion in 1994.)

What we are working towards:

The BJI and its members work towards a common vision of lifelong mobility through musculoskeletal health.

We strive to eliminate the tremendous personal and societal costs from MSK conditions through maximizing and accelerating research impact, as well as growing the MSK research community.

Our core values


Cohesive participation of researchers in basic and applied disciplines to catalyze interdisciplinary research breakthroughs

Collaboration to link or create new conceptual and methodological frameworks that integrate and move beyond discipline-specific approaches 

A collaborative “Molecule to Community and Back Again” approach

Education and research training

Support early researchers in developing research and leadership and receive mentorship

Interdisciplinary training that combines technology, mechanistic research, ethical considerations, and clinical applications

Help produce the next generation of MSK research leaders through Western’s Collaborative Graduate Program in Musculoskeletal Health Research (CMHR)

Excellence in innovation

Seeking discoveries in novel, patient-centered therapies, tools and devices

Investigating clinical and cost-effective solutions

Development and transfer of intellectual property to private sector partners with the goal of benefiting thriving industries and society

Knowledge translation

Moving new knowledge from the laboratory to the marketplace, clinic and community

Translation and exchange of innovative discoveries for global impact on the burden of MSK conditions

Guiding policy related to bone and joint healthcare

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