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From seed money to big collaborations: new hope for osteoarthritis patients

January 11, 2024

When rheumatologist and BJI Scientist Tom Appleton received catalyst funding from the Bone and Joint... (Read the full article)

New Gray chair aims to solve pain-limiting mobility problems

November 05, 2022

New Gray chair aims to solve pain-limiting mobility problems (Read the full article)

Over-the-counter meds offer same level of pain relief as opioids: study

February 08, 2022

International research team followed 347 carpal tunnel surgery patients in Canada, U.S. (Read the full article)

Better outcomes for patients with wrist fracturent-centred research

April 15, 2021

The rates of arthritis following orthopaedic injury of the wrist are unacceptably high — a substantial... (Read the full article)

Four Western profs honoured by Canadian Physiotherapy Association

July 20, 2022

More than one hundred individuals who have had a significant and meaningful impact on the physiotherapy... (Read the full article)

London start-up raises the bar on spinal implants

February 15, 2021

Taking home-grown research to the international market (Read the full article)

Combined forces help combat the pain and disability of arthritis

January 14, 2021

Professor Joy MacDermid and fellow Bone and Joint Institute collaborators recognized by Arthritis Society (Read the full article)

Notable Western researchers, scholars, alumni appointed to Orders of Canada and Ontario

January 04, 2021

A combat surgeon and English professor emeritus are among several Western-connected Canadians to be... (Read the full article)

New Western study shows no pain, no gain for knee osteoarthritis

December 03, 2020

For people with osteoarthritis, exercise hurts. A lot. A new Western study shows, with the right exercise,... (Read the full article)

Medical Innovation Fellows to generate new solutions

July 30, 2020

Western has recruited some of the top PhD graduates, medical students and residents from across the country... (Read the full article)

Joint research on target for arthritis sufferers

January 21, 2020

In an example of research matchmaking at its finest, Physiology and Pharmacology professor Frank Beier and... (Read the full article)

Quality of Life & Mobility: MSK Research on the Rise

January 15, 2020

As more people of all ages experience painful bone and joint conditions, musculoskeletal (MSK) health... (Read the full article)

Future leaders: branching out

April 15, 2020

The Bone and Joint Institute (BJI) has trained more than 50 students…now experts who are finding success in... (Read the full article)

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