Research platforms

BJI research platforms are hubs of specialized knowledge and infrastructure that enhance research efforts.

BJI research platforms are designed to enhance and accelerate research efforts by BJI’s interdisciplinary collaborative teams. Research platforms are meant to provide supports that are not possible for individuals or small teams to be able to sustain. Available to all BJI researchers, they are primarily leveraged to elevate the work of BJI’s think tanks.   

Current BJI research platforms

BJI Big Data Hub

Understanding MSK health in our population

Led by Joy MacDermid, Tina Ziebart & Jackie Marsh

Beginning as a BJI Think Tank.  This resource was identified as a BJI Research Platform in 2024.

Administrative health data through ICES provides valuable insight into population health and resource usage. ICES’s MSK data currently has low accessibility compared to other areas.

Goal: We will train new ICES scholars and catalyze projects focused on MSK health, creating a focused provincial hub of expertise.

Impact: The ICES MSK Hub will provide insights into inequities in care, showcase the value of interventions in healthcare service delivery and promote pragmatic MSK clinical trials.


How to get involved...

BJI research platforms are available to all BJI members. For more details please contact for assistance.